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Protect your Home from Cold Weather

Protect your Home from Cold Weather

Winter is coming up down here in Texas, and to us 60 degrees IS cold! While you may think as a South Texas resident you’re safe from damaging cold weather, there are still some precautions to keep your home safe from the winter freeze! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not rare for the temperature to get below freezing in the Houston/San Antonio area. We’ve compiled a list of a few things you should do to prevent a situation in which your home or property could be damaged during a freeze.

Plants and Shrubs: Plants are one of the most vulnerable aspects of your home during the winter cold, especially when those plants are accustomed to living in the Summer Texas heat. The life-giving water inside of the plants is known to freeze and actually kill the plant! Don’t let that garden you worked so hard to care for die after just one cold night! Find out when the temperature is supposed to go under freezing, and cover those plants up! You can use towels, old bed sheets, and really anything that would provide your plants a little warmth. That cover actually can make a difference of a degree or two, but their main importance is to block out the chilling wind.

Warm Clothes: While this may sound silly, many Texas residents don’t even think to keep a stock of extra layers handy! Make sure you have some sort of long sleeves, long johns, or thick coat so you can get out from under those bed covers and still keep warm. Whether you’re around the house, at work, and especially outside, make sure you cover up to prevent catching a nasty cold!

Cars: There are a number of things you should do to make sure you don’t put to much wear and tear on your car during the Winter, but did you know that car tires are more likely to become flat during cold and dry weather? Make sure to regularly check your tire pressure during the Winter. Especially when it has not been in use for a while. Also,  remember to check your window washer fluid. In Texas, many car owners decided to use water instead of the washer fluid. If they forget about this in the Winter, the water is likely to freeze. Consider this when you skip buying washer fluid! Finally, batteries are known to die more often in the cold weather, get your battery tested to make sure you won’t get stuck without the heater on!


3 Ways to Get Some Fresh Air This Autumn

3 Ways to Get Some Fresh Air This Autumn

One of the best parts about The Woodlands, Texas is its devotion towards the preservation of nature. This includes public parks, beautiful lakes, and of course, the beautiful woodland! Fall is already here, and that means its time to get outside in this great Texas weather! Here are some of our favorite things to do to enjoy:

Kayaking: The open water can be intimidating with the harsh sun beating down during the summer, but the time is ripe to grab those lifejackets and head down to the lake! There are plenty of areas in and around The Woodlands to rent a kayak, or just throw yours in the water! Below are a couple of links to kayak rental spots in the area.

Lakes Edge Boat House:

Riva Row Boat House:

Hammocking: Hammocking is a great way to enjoy the scenery and weather around The Woodlands. Grab your collapsing hammock and set it up lakeside, in the woods, or along one of the many trails that snake through the city. With all the trees it’s no hard to find a great spot, just pick a trail and start walking! If you don’t know what collapsable hammocks are, check them out at the links below! These are a great an easy way to get out of the house and have a relaxing afternoon outdoors. Not to mention they are great for camping!

Eno Hammocks:

Bear Butt Hammocks:

Fishing: The Woodlands has plenty of fishing spots to choose from. There are tons of ponds, lakes, and creeks! But what are some of the fish you can catch in the area? Just about every body of water in the area contains some type of fish. The majority of these are Catfish and Bass. Click the link below to get a definitive list of all the fishing in The Woodlands and read a little more about the fish in those ponds.

Fishing Guide:

Time to go get some fresh air! Enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts!


Homebuying Glossary for New Buyers

Homebuying Glossary for New Buyers

New to buying a home? Having trouble understanding the lingo that your real estate agent might be speaking? Here are some key words to learn!

Appraisal- An estimate or assessment of the worth, value or quality of a home/property.

Building Codes- Rules established by a local or state jurisdiction that rule how the house can be built or modified.

Certificate Of Title- A document that ensures that the property is legally owned by the person who bought it.

Closing Costs- All expenses and fees that are associated with closing on a home.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)- A study of how comparable local homes have sold for. This helps determine the price of the property.

Contingencies- Conditions that must be met in order for the offer to proceed.

Ernest Money Deposit- An initial payment that is made to the seller in order to show serious intention in buying. This is also referred to as a “Good Faith Deposit”.

Escrow- An account where all closing costs are collected while the lender approves the deal.

Homeowners Association (HOA)- An organization that overrules community and neighborhood rules and standards.

Loan to Value Ratio- How a lender determines if a loan is worth the risk associated with it.

4 Unique Fall Activities to Try with Your Kids

4 Unique Fall Activities to Try with Your Kids

It may be warm for October, but the pumpkins are out and the fall decorations are filling the aisles everywhere you look. Here are some fun activities to try with your kids during the fall and Halloween season. We think you’ll enjoy them just as much!

Leaf Rubbing- Find a large leaf with lots of detail (it can even be a green leaf), place underneath a white sheet of paper, and use a crayon to rub over the paper where the leaf is. Your child will be able to see the detail of the leaf that they might not have noticed before! Tip: Cut out the leaf shape, punch holes in each leaf, and hang them on a garland on your window or door for a cute fall decoration.

Marble a pumpkin- Although carving and painting a pumpkin is still a fun activity, try marbeling a pumpkin with nail polish! You’ll need a white colored pumpkin (preferably small), a dipping bowl, and your favorite colors of nail polish. Simply drop in the colors one by one with the nail polish brush, dip the pumpkin all the way in to the water (under the nail polish), and slowly lift up. Let the pumpkin sit for a few minutes while the nail polish dries.

Nature collection bottle- Fall is the perfect time to find interesting items such as acorns, leafs, and flowers. You’ll need a large container or bottle to bring along on a walk. Have your child put as many interesting and unique things as they can find into a nature collection bottle.

Fall jar lanterns- Create a spooky atmosphere with these jar lanterns. You will need a glass mason jar, a tea light (can be battery operated), and faux fall leaves or cut out pumpkins to hot glue to the outside of the jar. Make sure that you can see the colors of the leaves when you hold them up to the light. Tip: Lightly spray the mason jar with white spray paint, or lightly paint with white paint to hide the tea light inside.


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