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Home Decorations – What’s REALLY Important

Home Decorations – What’s REALLY Important

No matter the floorplan, building style, room count, or kitchen size, the look and feel inside your home is almost always determined by the way you decorate it. It is truly the MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider when it comes to the way you want to feel inside your home!

There are countless reasons to choose a certain lamp, bookcase, or even couch cushions, but there are several overlying decisions you need to make that will keep you on the right path.

First off, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. Unless you have experience decorating, you’ll find that taking on the interior of a home does not come easy. You’ll need plenty of advice and second opinions. Make sure you have close friends, family, or best-case-scenario, an interior designer to help guide you along the path to decoration domination.

Decide who you want to be there with you during the designing. Of course, if that person will be living in the home they should have a say, but pick some outside advocates who you trust to help counter-balance your mannerisms and preferences.

Of course, you should also design your home to fit your personality! Decide what color scheme, styles, and amount of creativity you want you home to have, based on what you like! Most of the time it’s that simple. Your home should reflect who you are as a person. If you like the modern style, go modern! If you like to be creative, go a little more creative! Your advocates and friends should push you to go with decorations that fit you, but they will also keep you from going overboard!

Finally, you should always consider the price when decorating your home. Luckily, current trends are creating a much less expensive designing experience. Just walk into most modern stores and restaurants, and you’ll see what we mean! More and more places are starting to move into an age where decorations are simple, yet elegant. This is great for the new homeowner because it means cheaper decorations and a beautiful home!

If you’re crafty, pick up a hammer and try building a table! Your chosen advocates will let you know if it fits the feel of the home, and you’ll love the feeling of using something you made by yourself! This style is increasingly popular in the culture of today’s homebuilding market.

Just decide what you can afford, and don’t make exceptions! There are plenty of ways to create a stunning atmosphere in the home without breaking the piggy bank.

Thanks for reading! We think that if you take these steps BEFORE starting the decoration process, you’ll have a much better overall experience, as well as a better outcome


The One Stop Shop for Events In The Woodlands

The One Stop Shop for Events In The Woodlands

Often times we find that getting out of the house can seem difficult. On weekends and weekdays alike, finding an event to attend, or just something to do can seems like a CHORE. Where to start looking? Whether you’re looking for a free event, or just a little something different for date night, we want to share with you an important resource for ANY homeowner in and around The Woodlands area.

Woodlands Online! While many people think of the site as merely a community portal or blog, there are several ways you can benefit from the free services offered there. One of our favorites is the events calendar. This portion of the website allows companies or group organizers to post events, which show up on your screen in chronological order. We think this can be an extremely useful tool for those who don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a night out or simply some family time. Many of the events on the site are free, and you’ll find that there really are a lot of things you can do in The Woodlands without spending a dime! Its super easy! You can just search for events using the calendar on the site, or simply click “This Weekend” to see all events Friday through Sunday.  This site is merely one of the many amenities that makes The Woodlands such an attractive place to call your home.

There are also several other ways to use the Woodlands Online site! You can go explore it for yourself, but make sure you check out the classifieds- which are an easy way to buy or sell goods, the community news section, restaurant guide, and much more! Again, we want to stress how much of a tool this website is especially for the new Woodlands homeowner. A lot of work is put into the site, and it is made purely for the benefit of those who want to get the best out of their stay in the area.

We are so proud to be a part of the Woodlands here at Lakes at Creekside. We hope that you enjoy the beautiful community that is The Woodlands, Texas as much as we do!

Here are some links to our favorite parts of the site. You can start here, but make sure you do some more exploring on the site as well. You may find that using Woodlands Online works its way into your daily routine!

Events PageClassifieds, Restaurant Guide, Job/Volunteering Opportunities, and News Section.


Picking The Right Flooring

Picking The Right Flooring

Today’s fads seem to be constantly changing. It seems impossible to pick a flooring that won’t be out of date in just a few years time! Whether your sense of fashion tends to be more risky or contemporary, there is a way to make your flooring last as long as possible. Make sure you keep your own tastes in mind but always consider whether or not the future you will be glad about the decision you made. Remember, this is your home! You want to be one-hundred percent happy with it for as long as possible. Here are three floorings that we believe stand the test of time.

Hardwood – The Classic

Hardwood flooring definitely stands the test of time. Oakwood is traditionally the most popular choice of wood. Hardwood flooring brings about a natural feel that welcomes you home every time you walk inside. It is also fairly easy to install, so you can consider just doing it yourself! One of the main problems with hardwood is their susceptibility to water. That is a flaw to consider when deciding whether or not to choose hardwood flooring.

Laminate – Modernity

Laminate is one of the today’s most popular flooring solutions. Due to the fact that it’s inexpensive and extremely easy to install, this makes it a great choice for building homes on a budget. Laminate can often give the same look and feel as hardwood, which is a popular look that has been proven to span the test of time. However, many would say that laminate will often feel cheap, especially if corners are cut when it comes to pricing.

Tile – Individuality

One of the most effective floorings is porcelain tile. Tile is great for those who want to express their creativity within their home. The ability to mix and match colors and patterns during the initial build makes tile an attractive choice for any homeowner. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you do want your home’s style to stay in style as long as possible. When it comes to tile, pick neutral colors such as grey or white to make your floors look modern and classy.

This Tradition May Save Your Holiday Season

This Tradition May Save Your Holiday Season

November and December can be an extremely anxious time! Whether you’ve burned the turkey, or you’re arguing with your in-laws, many of us grow to dread a time that is supposed to be about celebrating others! With Thanksgiving especially close, we want to give you a few tips on how to maximize your stress threshold. What can you do during the holiday season to save your sanity, AND enjoy the good times, memories, and family? We’ve found that the best thing you can do is take a little time for yourself!

While this may seem counter-productive during a time in which you are expected to make everyone else happy, taking some alone time for yourself will often give you more energy throughout the rest of the day. When you’ve already had some exclusively “you” time, the feelings of exhaustion or even bitterness towards those around you will often fade away.

So what can you do during this time alone? Read the three tips below to get you started!

Tip #1 – DON’T feel bad about it! A lot of the time, we tend to chastise ourselves for wanting to take a little time off. Make sure you remember, this time is ultimately for the better of those around you! Maximizing your energy with a little time alone will ensure your friends and family get the best “you” possible.

Tip #2 Don’t succumb to multi-tasking temptations! During your “you” time, you may start to get distracted or feel tempted to do a little work. Remember, this time is important for you! If you allow holiday work to infiltrate, the time hasn’t done you any good. Focus your mind on yourself, and try to lower those stress levels to a cool zero.

Tip #3 Do something you like! When we think of alone time we often think of sitting still in a quiet room with a book, however, this is not the only way! While reading a book does make a great quiet time; if you aren’t much of a reader, or you just don’t like to sit still, it will only lead to more anxiety. If you’d like to go for a walk, get outside! If you’d like to do a little bit of shopping, buy yourself a new purse. You can do whatever you’d like, just remember to focus on yourself for a while.

Remember, this Holiday season is a time to relax and enjoy friends and family. Of course, it feels good to serve others, but remember that you are not always going to be perfect. Set aside a little alone the for yourself, and remember that your friends and family would rather you be happy than stressed over having the “perfect” presents, food, or vacations planned.

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