3 Natural Sun Burn Preventions

3 Natural Sun Burn Preventions

The sun has been out for a while down here in Texas, but all of us Texans are scurrying to prepare for the onslaught of sun rays that we will inevitably encounter this hot summer. Every year we go through this sweat-inducing heat, so what are some ways we can avoid getting deep fried this summer down here in the great state of Texas?

Get More Vitamin D

Find ways to get more vitamin D! There are plenty of supplements, foods, and oils that you can use to get more of that UV preventing goodness into your body. Vitamin D can significantly increase the tolerance that your body has to the sun!

Use Your Smart Phone

If using my phone fights UV rays, then I should never get a sunburn again! Sorry, but no. However, there are a few apps you can download that will remind you when to apply sunscreen during constant sun exposure. This is a great foolproof way to make sure you aren’t getting burnt to a crisp. These apps are a great tool for you to use at the beach especially, or even just out at the park with the family.

Gobble Up Some Omega-3

4 grams a day to be exact. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that taking omega-3 fish oils can help protect against sun damage and bolster immunity against the sun. In their study, a 4g dose of omega-3 daily has been shown to reduce sunlight-induced suppression of the immune system.

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“Stay Inside” doesn’t count…

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