3 Ways to Help Our Kids Stay Safe in School

3 Ways to Help Our Kids Stay Safe in School

When our little kiddos get old enough to go out to elementary school, it can be HARD to give up so much control over their daily lives. What are they being exposed to? What kinds of activities do they partake in every day? Who are they hanging around with?

While it’s never a good idea to be a “Helicopter” parent, there are some ways you can be involved to help keep your child safe during their time at school.

1. Encourage your child to have daily conversations about their day at school. Let them know that “Good” isn’t enough of an answer, and then STICK TO IT! Getting a feel for how your child is enjoying their school is a great way to know whether or not they are comfortable in their class, or if they are having any problems with any of the other students. Pay attention to their mood, and ask them when you see them acting strange, but most importantly, show them that you are a safe place to talk when they are having issues.

2. Make a regular meeting plan with administration and teachers. While these meetings are often routines for most teachers, try and get deeper in the questioning about your child. Ask them about the people he or she is hanging around with, and whether or not they are getting along with the other students. Are there any students in the class that seem to cause more trouble than others? Your child’s teacher will hopefully have great input that can help you understand your child’s situation.

3. Update your child’s records and medical information. As many parents, today know, allergies are becoming more and more of a problem in recent generations. MAKE SURE to inform your child’s teacher, lunch staff, and nurse about ANY of your child’s medical conditions. Remember, if your child develops any more allergies, or any other medical conditions, it is very important that you update the records kept by the school on the child.

We hope you found this week’s blog useful!

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