4 Kid-Friendly Activities to Inspire Creativity

4 Kid-Friendly Activities to Inspire Creativity

After being stuck inside our homes for a month now, any of the original “excitement” from this whole situation has worn off, and things are getting more and more difficult. For those of us with children, we’re facing a real challenge- many of us juggling working from home and homeschooling for the time. 

Besides fighting boredom ourselves, keeping children entertained is an entirely different story. In order to help keep your kids from having too much screen time, we’ve compiled a list of a few family-orientated activities to help you pass the time. First things first, sit down with your kiddos and create a “lockdown bucket list”, naming off all the activities they’d like to do. This can help combat boredom when you’re unsure of what to do next. Here are just a few ideas to kick off your list…

Teach your kids to cook! A lot of times, young kids are intrigued by the kitchen and are always wanting to help. A great way to spend an afternoon is by teaching your children how to cook a meal or dessert for your family! Allow them to choose a simple recipe, and walk them through the steps- but let them be in control. No matter the outcome, these are useful skills for them to learn and can make for a fun activity to do together on a weekly basis. 

Start a garden in your backyard. If you’re got seed packets, soil and garden supplies lying around in your garage, now is a great time to put them to use. This is a great way to teach your kids about the process of growing food and plants, and give them something to look forward to as they watch them grow over time! Additionally, it can result in fresh fruits and vegetables for your family to eat. 

Have a good old-fashioned movie night, complete with a homemade fort! With screens as a huge distraction nowadays, the art of imaginative play has been somewhat lost on today’s kids. Show your children how to make a pillow fort using pillows, blankets, your couch, a bed… anything you can find! This can lead to hours of fun and hopefully strike an imaginative cord within your little ones. 

Break out the sidewalk chalk. This is a great excuse to get your family active outside and soak up some sun. Play hopscotch, create obstacle courses or simply practice your drawing skills! The best part? There’s practically no mess to clean up- just hose it off! 

These are just a few activities to try, but the options are truly endless! With more time on our hands than ever before, we encourage you to take advantage of this unique situation and create priceless memories your family will cherish forever. 

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