4 Steps to Creating Your Spring Garden

4 Steps to Creating Your Spring Garden

Did you know? April is National Gardening Month! Here in Texas, many of us are starting to plant our spring gardens in hopes of a fruitful summer landscape. Whether you’re looking to grow fruits and vegetables or an array of flowers, there are a few steps you’ll want to follow to ensure your garden is successful as possible! 

Make a Plan

First things first, scope out your yard and decide the best spot for your garden. If you’ll be planting flowers, an established flower bed is a good idea. If you’re starting from scratch and plan to grow in pots or a grower’s box, consider the best placement for these items. Based on what you’re planning on growing, where will your crops best receive the appropriate amount of sun and shade? Once this is established, begin prepping! 

Prep Your Yard

Before you start planting, make sure you tear out any dead roots and weeds from winter, so you can start fresh- giving the new roots plenty of room to grow strong. For flower beds, it is advised to check the pH of any existing soil you’re planning to use, so you can supplement it with any nutrients it may be missing. There are plenty of at-home pH kits available in your local home and garden store! 

Choose a Quality Soil

Next, it’s time to plant. Make sure to use a quality soil and appropriate fertilizers to help your garden grow strong. Many of the mainstream bagged soils contain artificial fertilizers that aren’t safe to use when growing fruits and vegetables your family will eat. Instead, look for an organic soil free of pesticides. Instead, supplement your soil with an organic fertilizer that is specially formulated for the crops you’re growing. For flowers and landscaping plants, adding a layer of mulch on top can help lock in moisture and prevent your plants from growing out too quickly. 

Care for Your Garden

Once you’re done planting, continue to care for your garden! Keep a look out for weeds and any harmful insects. Make sure to read care instructions for your crops regarding how much and how often to water to ensure best results. In Texas, we can go from a hot day to a cold front in the blink of an eye, so monitor your plants to decide when more water is needed, and be prepared to cover them if the temperature suddenly drops.

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