4 Unique Fall Activities to Try with Your Kids

4 Unique Fall Activities to Try with Your Kids

It may be warm for October, but the pumpkins are out and the fall decorations are filling the aisles everywhere you look. Here are some fun activities to try with your kids during the fall and Halloween season. We think you’ll enjoy them just as much!

Leaf Rubbing- Find a large leaf with lots of detail (it can even be a green leaf), place underneath a white sheet of paper, and use a crayon to rub over the paper where the leaf is. Your child will be able to see the detail of the leaf that they might not have noticed before! Tip: Cut out the leaf shape, punch holes in each leaf, and hang them on a garland on your window or door for a cute fall decoration.

Marble a pumpkin- Although carving and painting a pumpkin is still a fun activity, try marbeling a pumpkin with nail polish! You’ll need a white colored pumpkin (preferably small), a dipping bowl, and your favorite colors of nail polish. Simply drop in the colors one by one with the nail polish brush, dip the pumpkin all the way in to the water (under the nail polish), and slowly lift up. Let the pumpkin sit for a few minutes while the nail polish dries.

Nature collection bottle- Fall is the perfect time to find interesting items such as acorns, leafs, and flowers. You’ll need a large container or bottle to bring along on a walk. Have your child put as many interesting and unique things as they can find into a nature collection bottle.

Fall jar lanterns- Create a spooky atmosphere with these jar lanterns. You will need a glass mason jar, a tea light (can be battery operated), and faux fall leaves or cut out pumpkins to hot glue to the outside of the jar. Make sure that you can see the colors of the leaves when you hold them up to the light. Tip: Lightly spray the mason jar with white spray paint, or lightly paint with white paint to hide the tea light inside.


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