Designing your 2018 Game Room

Designing your 2018 Game Room

Here’s a New Years Resolution: get that game room decorated! Families spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours decorating their home, but many tend to leave the game room out of the equation! Despite this, it’s often the place where people spend most of their free time. Whether you use it to play pool and watch some television or just to play some card games, make this room a comfy place to kick back and relax in 2018.

The game room really has one ultimate purpose: to play! When designing the interior, the most important thing to think about is space. You want the room to have as many different usages as possible! Every parent knows that kiddos tend to move in and out of different interests. They may want to play ping pong one week, and legos the next!

Keep this in mind when you pick things that take up a lot of space, and BEFORE you buy that ping pong table, make sure the kids will actually use it! There are plenty of multi-use products to buy that let you make the most out of the space. For example, If you do want to buy the ping-pong table, get one that’s easy to fold up and put against the wall!

There are also a lot of games that take up no space at all! Darts are a great example. It’s a great game, and it takes up very little space. That is if you can trust your kids with sharp objects… There is always the magnetic version!

Again, the most important part about a game room is are the things that happen in it! Make the room an inviting place to be. You want your children to feel like they have a cool place to invite their friends over to hang out! If your kids are older, a mini fridge or a little snack bar can be a cool addition to the room.

Have fun when you’re decorating your new game room! It’s fun to make a few new changes at the start of a new year. We hope this guide helps you get the most out of the space you have, and here’s to all the memories to be had there in 2018!


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