Downsizing: Ready For the Next Step?

Downsizing: Ready For the Next Step?

Maybe all your kids have moved out of the house, you’re coming up on retirement, or you simply have too much space. The home that once accommodated so perfectly to your busy lifestyle might feel overwhelming to you now. But take a deep breath, letting go and downsizing your home can be considered an emotionally freeing process.

The average age that most Americans choose to downsize is around 50 to 60 years old. According to statistics, the US population aged 65 and over is projected to soar to 73 million by 2030. So don’t hesitate to consider downsizing, the wave will continue to be rolling for the next few years. Making the decision to move into a smaller home could help you save money, time, and ultimately…stress. If you’ve thought about where to start, we have some logical tips to help wrap your head around the idea!


Make a detailed inventory of your belongings. Many of us have junk drawers and closets full of unknowns. Start here by writing down the items you have a use for and trash the rest! Keep your priorities in order, but never skip an opportunity to pick up an old keepsake and cherish it’s memory. (Remember, the process is supposed to be cleansing!) Try to include the condition and cost of an item in your inventory that you might want to sell. To save time in the future, take pictures of your items in case you choose to sell them online! Having a master list of all of your belongings is the first step in seeing your wants and needs towards downsizing.


Declutter your current house! Give yourself plenty of time, don’t hesitate to make it an enjoyable experience by putting on a TV series for background noise or opening a bottle of wine to keep it fun! Get rid of the boxes that have been stashed out of sight, organize the things you want to keep for your new home, and decide if you want to trash/recycle, sell, donate, or give away the rest of your items. Renting a dumpster wouldn’t hurt, you can easily get rid of the things you want to trash. Freeing up the cluttered space makes for an easier vision of your transition.


For the type A personality of the house! When you’re changing up your space, consider the logistics. Will your new home have a high maintenance backyard or a lawn service that takes care of the property? Are you going from a three car garage to a two car garage? Are you losing a game room and gaining an office space? Take into account the actual square footage that you are moving in to, so that you can properly arrange your items without being overwhelmed by where to store everything in your new home.


What are the dimensions of every room in your new home? Your three piece sectional in the living room might not fit in your new space, check your measurements before you do some unnecessary heavy lifting. Often times the master bedroom will be larger in a smaller home, so maybe you can treat yourself and upgrade to a bigger bed! Make this process an excuse to do some shopping and get excited for the new look. Rule out the items ahead of time that won’t fit, and sell or donate them to keep the cleanse going!

Downsizing can be overwhelming, exciting, and emotional all tied up in to one. As you are starting a new chapter in your life, you are also moving to a new community where you will be making new friends and memories. Lakes at Creekside offers a wonderful community full of beautiful homes, luxury amenities, a safe neighborhood, and a prime location near a wide variety of dining and shopping choices.

Lakes at Creekside has available homes by the top builders, working alongside an extremely helpful team of realtors to get you set up in your future home. Contact us today at 281-376-1500 to get any of your questions answered!

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