3 Festive Fall Recipes to Serve at Your Thanksgiving Meal

3 Festive Fall Recipes to Serve at Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Thanksgiving is a festive time of families and friends gathering together. There’s not a better way to spend the Fall season than with loved ones eating delicious food! Lakes at Creekside shares an appreciation for locally grown, seasonal ingredients that make for festive fall recipes. Here’s our top 3 for your Thanksgiving meal this year! 


Chicken-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 


These chicken-stuffed sweet potatoes from My Gorgeous Recipes take a typical side dish to a new level! The simplicity and deliciousness of sweet potatoes is great on its own, but adding hearty chicken breast can make for an even more filling side! These can also be used as an appetizer for hungry guests or a meal on their own. The edges of the sweet potato will caramelize when baked in the oven, adding an extra layer of sweetness. This combined with the savory shredded chicken, sour cream, and cheese makes for a simple yet elevated appetizer. 


Cinnamon Zucchini Bread


This cinnamon flavored zucchini bread from Good Housekeeping is a new spin on a classic favorite. Zucchini is extremely versatile, and takes on any flavor that you add to it. Feel free to customize this with your favorite chopped nuts (pecans would be great), extra spices, or even dried fruit or chocolate chips. This can be used as an extra option in addition to rolls and cornbread, or served with drinks before and after the main Thanksgiving meal. 


Orzo With Caramelized Butternut Squash


Orzo can be used to make endless side and main dishes, but when added with caramelized butternut squash, the outcome is a brand new Thanksgiving side dish tradition. From Taste of Home, this recipe uses the freshest, in-season ingredients for an extra special taste. Butternut squash, bacon, and green beans sounds like the perfect savory combination to us! 


We hope that you try out some of these festive Fall recipes to try at your Thanksgiving dinner! These combine classic with new, and are sure to be requested every year by friends and family. 

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