Getting Your Yard Ready For Fall: Five Landscaping Tips

Getting Your Yard Ready For Fall: Five Landscaping Tips

Are you getting your home ready for Fall? At Lakes at Creekside, we take pride in seeing our community transition and evolve with the changing seasons. If you’re unsure about how to start with your landscaping, then you’ve come to the right place! Our master-planned community was designed with the residents’ comfort and convenience in mind. As a result, we offer luxurious on-site amenities and eight beautiful lakes surrounding our Tomball area. Thanks to our builders, Toll Brothers and Tri Point Homes, every house in our community is timeless. To help you prepare your yard for the Fall season, we have gathered some expert advice. Here are five landscaping tips to make the most of this seasonal transformation.


Plant Perennials


Add some color to your landscape by planting perennials like asters, mums, and sedums. These blooms will bring vibrancy to your garden in the Lakes at Creekside community. Fall-flowering perennials are known for their resilience and ease of care. Once established, they require minimal maintenance, allowing you to savor the splendor of your garden without constant upkeep. They also grow back without too much hassle for next year!


Mulch and Compost


To improve soil conditions in your flower beds and garden areas, consider mulching. It prevents moisture loss, stabilizes soil temperatures, and creates a natural weed barrier. Composting fallen leaves and grass clippings can also enhance soil quality. Mulch shields your plants from evaporation, retains necessary moisture, reduces competition for resources, and protects your garden amidst the natural beauty of Lakes at Creekside.


Pruning Trees and Shrubs


To create a beautiful outdoor space and maintain plant health, tree and shrub pruning is essential. Incorporating this practice into your landscape maintenance routine promotes vitality and enhances the appearance of your property.


Fall Lawn Care


Having a beautiful lawn is important for making your home look great. To achieve this, you need to take care of your lawn by mowing it and aerating it regularly. This will not only make your property look nicer but it will also fit in with the natural beauty of Lakes at Creekside. A well-maintained lawn shows that you care about keeping our community peaceful and beautiful, even as the seasons change.


Incorporate Native Plants


For an eco-friendly and low-maintenance garden, use native plants that suit your region’s climate, soil, and wildlife. These plants need less water and fertilizer, attract birds and pollinators, and display beautiful fall foliage, adding color to your landscape. This applies to any location, including Lakes at Creekside.

Now that your yard is ready for Fall, you can sit back and enjoy all of the comfort Lakes at Creekside has to offer! We’re proud to be just a stone’s throw away from The Woodlands which hosts an array of local dining, shopping, and entertainment options year-round. We hope these tips helped you get your yard ready for Fall! Every season is the best season in Lakes at Creekside. 

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