Head Back To School In Style

Head Back To School In Style

The sound of the school bell will soon be ringing in our ears, and while it is a joyous sound to some or a painful one to others, no matter how you feel about it, August 20th is right around the corner so let’s get ready! You can pick up the latest fashions in children’s wear and school gear at a discounted price the weekend of August 9th when the entire state of Texas has the tax-free weekend. Many items you may not even think would qualify are on the list, so check out these two links from the Texas Comptroller to maximize your savings.

For clothes, shoes, and athletic items use this link:


For school supplies, use this link:


Remember, items must have a price tag of $100 or less in order to qualify.

Before heading out on that shopping spree, take an inventory of your child’s clothes and school items. Involve your kid in this process so he or she can try on outfits and determine what new purchases are needed. This will not only provide some bonding time, but it will also help your child learn responsibility and a little financial sense, too.

If your child will walk or bike to school, make sure she or he has the proper equipment, like a good pair of closed-toe shoes for bike riding. Check bike tires and chains and maybe do a few practice rides. You don’t just have to stick to a bicycle; scooters are also a fun mode of transportation and they’re less expensive. Younger kids may be apprehensive so work out their route and demonstrate how to safely cross the street.

No matter your child’s age, back to school can be a stressful time. Prepare in advance for what to do if you aren’t home when your child gets off the bus and make sure he or she knows your phone number. Check-in with neighbors because we all need community support and you will probably meet more people through the school this year, just like last. It takes a village!

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