How a Good Morning Routine Can Change Your Life

How a Good Morning Routine Can Change Your Life

We know you’ve heard it before, but establishing a morning routine can do wonders. While it may seem like a chore, a well constructed routine is actually a form of self-care! Creating a morning routine that you love can not only make your mornings more pleasant, but it can increase your productivity throughout your work day, make your days less stressful, and maximize time for yourself. Here are some good morning habits to help start your days on the right foot!

It starts the night before.

When you’ve finished your work day and are switching off your computer for the evening, take a few minutes to write yourself a to-do list for the next day. Don’t make it too long, just include a few main tasks that need to be accomplished the next day. By partaking in this practice, you’re less likely to worry about what the next day will bring, because you’ve already reviewed it. This keeps you organized, and prevents you from experiencing burnout when you sit down at your desk in the morning. Your main objectives are laid out right in front of you, so there’s no need to fret. 

Make the bed.

While this may sound cliche, by tackling this one simple task every morning, you experience a boost of motivation and a sense of accomplishment that you’ll want to carry on throughout your day. In today’s work-driven society, we love accomplishing tasks. Start off each morning by checking something off your to do list, and see how it affects your productivity. 

Additionally, making your bed is just one small step that will help keep your bedroom tidy. When our homes get cluttered, it overwhelms us, making us unproductive and unmotivated. When your bed is made, you’ll be more likely to keep the rest of your space free and clear of clutter as well.

Move your body.

Get that rush of adrenaline to help start your work day and wake up your mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s a morning run or quick 10 minute stretch, any form of movement is better than none! 

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Most of us eat breakfast on the go, in the form of a yogurt or a pre wrapped power bar. This causes us to feel hungry pretty quickly after our day has started, and we may experience energy crashes in the afternoon. Instead, take the time to cook yourself a filling, nutritious breakfast that you enjoy. Then, experience the difference a good breakfast can make in your overall mood and productivity during your workday! 

Try some of these habits for yourself and experience the positive change!


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