How Houseplants Actually Make Us Happier

How Houseplants Actually Make Us Happier

Many of us love houseplants. It seems like nowadays, having a lot of houseplants is more popular than ever. But it turns out, they’re more than just decoration. There is actually scientific reasoning behind why people love having these little bits of the outdoors inside their homes! 

Besides producing more oxygen and improving the quality of our air, plants are known to help combat stress and bring a calm energy to the room. They can boost our overall mood and even our productivity, simply by providing a little extra joy into our everyday lives. Humans were created to live outdoors, which is why so many of us feel a sense of refreshment when we spend time outside. In fact, the word Biophilia refers to humankind’s tendency to prefer outside spaces. Unfortunately, nowadays we spend the majority of our lives indoors. Houseplants reintroduce color and texture into our spaces that remind us of the outdoors. They bring life to a room, literally! 

Besides just their presence being aesthetically and emotionally pleasing to us, we also enjoy actively caring for our plants. Much like looking after a dog can help improve mental health and overall wellbeing, caring for houseplants offers a similar experience. Not only do we look after and water our plants, but we get to see the fruit of our efforts watching them grow and flourish! For many, this is a hobby and something that brings them true joy. 

Houseplants are like collectibles. There are hundreds of different varieties of plants, all unique in their own way. There will always be a pretty plant that you don’t yet have, which can cause many people to continue collecting new ones! 

Are you a houseplant fanatic? You’re not alone. In the age of social media, many people have grown to love caring for their own house plants, which offers a great way to connect with people of similar interests and get back into nature!

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