Interior Design Trends to Spice Up Your Home

Interior Design Trends to Spice Up Your Home

It’s no secret that the homes in Lakes at Creekside are already stunning, all thanks to Tri Pointe Homes and Toll Brothers’ expertise, but interior design is continually evolving, even after you’ve moved into your home.

These interior design trends will maintain your home’s luxury feel and keep your guests and entertained with what you do to keep your home stylish!

Now, let’s talk about the simple steps you can take to make your beautiful home outshine the rest!

Visual Language: From the pattern on your floors to the art that hangs on your wall, there should be a common visual language! If your floors have a certain color, pattern or texture, the art that hangs on your walls can have little spurts of that same idea to add coherence to your home. Art doesn’t have to be expensive either! Posters of famous paintings look fantastic when you frame them in robust size. Even things as small as your knobs and light fixtures should match this same visual language.

Interior Design, Interior Design Trends to Spice Up Your Home, Lakes at Creekside

Throw Blankets and Decorative Pillows: This one is fun, simple and adds a sense of elegance to your home. It doesn’t hurt to double layer either if you already have some! Your couch can have a few pops of color, or minimalism by laying a couple soft throw blankets of differentiating textures over the back of your sofa. This seems minimal but looks SO good. This can be done by adding all different shapes, sizes and patterns of pillows to your guest bedrooms, your sofas, your own bedroom and anywhere else you see fit! 

Wallpaper: So many people think wallpaper is a tricky concept, but we don’t! Beautiful, diverse wallpaper designs can be found EVERYWHERE these days. Pick a wall, any wall and choose a funky wallpaper for that PERFECT accent wall. It adds spice and everything nice to your home’s interior style!

Interior Design, Interior Design Trends to Spice Up Your Home, Lakes at Creekside

We are so excited to see what you do with your home this year with a few of our simple tips and tricks, so tag us on Instagram @lakes_at_creekside and we’ll make sure to comment how much we LOVE IT! 

If you’re looking for a new space to make your home, and you’re interested in Lakes at Creekside, get in touch with us today! There are several home collections in the community, ranging from the Mid-$300s to Upper $600s.

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