Keeping our Kids Safe in School

Keeping our Kids Safe in School

You care about the safety of your child. That first day you sent your kid off to school was a big step! It can be hard to let our children go when it’s time for them to leave the nest. Sending our kids away from home can be a HUGE source of worry and anxiety for some parents. Especially when you aren’t in control of the factors at play in creating the person your child will grow up to be. So what can we do to keep our kids safe, and be aware of what’s going on in their world?

We think the solution may involve a bit of parental bending. Your kids are probably already begging you for a phone if they don’t already have one. We are suggesting that maybe its time to give in.

Many parents today are opposed to giving their child a phone, so why do we see more and more young kids with iPhones in their hands anyway? Technology allows us to have a direct link to our kids, even when they aren’t near us or at home. Phones allow our kids to contact us in an emergency any time and any place.

Even if your child is too young to manage their own phone, we think it’s important to at least teach them how one works. Spend some time teaching your child your phone number, and how they can use a cell phone to call you.

If you’re opposed to giving your child a phone, maybe you just don’t want them to be on social media or playing video games all the time. Well, there are plenty of companies who still sell phones that can’t surf the internet or download apps. Today’s technology allows us to do more, and it’s time to embrace the powers it gives us. With cell phones, in any dangerous situation children can call their parents and even the police if needed.

So consider whether or not you feel your kid is ready for a phone. And remember, you DON’T need to pay for a fancy smartphone. But it may be worth it to get your kid that phone they want. For your peace of mind, and their safety.

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