Make Your Own Autumn Wreath

Make Your Own Autumn Wreath

As the weather begins to transition from summer to fall, and we’re experiencing cooler temperatures, many of us are already in the autumn spirit and ready to leave our summer decor behind! Fall is a fun season for home decor, with seasonal recipes and activities to boot. To help us get in the spirit, we’re sharing a fun do-it-yourself project to give your home a bit of an autumnal makeover! 

Ever heard of pampas grass? This fluffy, fuzzy plant grows locally in Texas, and is easy to find all over the landscape. Over the past couple of years, it’s been a popular feature for floral design and home decor. When combined with a staple decor item for fall and winter months, a wreath, you get a perfect, easy DIY pampas grass wreath that just about anyone can do! 

Create one of your own with three easy steps, and just four simple “ingredients!” You’ll need pampas grass- which you can purchase online or forage some of your own, a hoop for your wreath’s base, ribbon and a hot glue gun! Tip: we recommend lightly spraying your pampas grass with hair spray to help prevent it from shedding.

Once you’ve collected your materials, the rest is simple! To start, decide how you want your wreath to look. Do you want to go for a more classic, rounded wreath with pampas going in a circular direction, or would you prefer just having pampas on the bottom? The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding inspiration. 

Once you’ve established how you want your wreath to take shape, start putting hot glue onto your hoop. Then, simply take each piece of pampas grass with their stems cut short, and lay it on top of the hot glue, and hold in place until it dries! Repeat until you’ve achieved a product you’re happy with, and tie off with a ribbon! 

We hope you try out this simple project, and create your own beautiful wreath to get your home ready for fall!

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