Are Movie Theaters Going Out of Style?

Are Movie Theaters Going Out of Style?

More and more today entertainment is being consumed in a variety of different ways. It’s great for the average consumer! We get more entertainment for much less cost.

Mediums like Youtube, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more have truly taken over the movie space due to their mass volume of content and cheap pricing. Cinema attendance is hitting all-time lows with the sharpest decline in attendance by younger audiences. Mainly from ages 14-24.

So are there really any good reasons to go to the theatre anymore? We think that there really are a few good reasons left to spend a bit extra to attend the cinema.

The Experience

Whether you’re on a first date, or just a night out with the friends, movie theatres have always provided a great option for relaxing get-aways. The feelings associated with going to the theatre are still special to many, and it can be a great experience sharing that feeling with the younger generation. For many, this alone justifies the extra price of attending a showing.

Modern Theatre Evolutions

To combat the falling attendance numbers, theatres have been focusing on improving the “theatre experience”. Giant, comfortable chairs, ordering food from your seat, huge screens, and enhanced sounds systems are just a few of the thing you can’t get inside your house. When viewing a powerful movie, this can make a world of a difference when it comes to the experience.

Rule Enforcement

Movie theaters have been getting better and better at creating an immersive movie experience. When you’re in the cinema with a great sound system, a comfy chair, and a wide screen, a ringing cell phone, or a crying baby can truly ruin the moment. In contrast to the home, at a theatre employees are there to enforce rules and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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