New Years Resolutions: A Modern Reason to Make One

New Years Resolutions: A Modern Reason to Make One

You’ve heard about this tradition a million different times. At the start of the New Year, millions of people hope to start the coming year with new goals and habits. But often, these resolutions become a source of anxiety. When people set goals that are out of their reach, they usually quit trying after a few months. After the New Years, these resolutions become mere memories for the majority of people.

Luckily, there is new research that shows this may not be a bad thing at all! These failures aren’t an indication that we need to try harder, they are really just showing us we need a new way. We want to propose a solution! Try making a simpler goal that could be achieved within a month!

For example, a common New Year’s resolution is to vow to exercise more! While this is a great and healthy goal, it’s not very achievable. Instead, try making a goal like: “I will go to the gym once a week for a month.” This sort of goal is much more reachable, and it will encourage you to make progress as you achieve each smaller part of the goal. I.E. doing each workout. Then at the end of the month, you can decide whether or not you’d like to try for another month!

We hope you enjoy the Holidays! From us here at Lakes at Creekside, enjoy the new year!


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