Picking The Right Flooring

Picking The Right Flooring

Today’s fads seem to be constantly changing. It seems impossible to pick a flooring that won’t be out of date in just a few years time! Whether your sense of fashion tends to be more risky or contemporary, there is a way to make your flooring last as long as possible. Make sure you keep your own tastes in mind but always consider whether or not the future you will be glad about the decision you made. Remember, this is your home! You want to be one-hundred percent happy with it for as long as possible. Here are three floorings that we believe stand the test of time.

Hardwood – The Classic

Hardwood flooring definitely stands the test of time. Oakwood is traditionally the most popular choice of wood. Hardwood flooring brings about a natural feel that welcomes you home every time you walk inside. It is also fairly easy to install, so you can consider just doing it yourself! One of the main problems with hardwood is their susceptibility to water. That is a flaw to consider when deciding whether or not to choose hardwood flooring.

Laminate – Modernity

Laminate is one of the today’s most popular flooring solutions. Due to the fact that it’s inexpensive and extremely easy to install, this makes it a great choice for building homes on a budget. Laminate can often give the same look and feel as hardwood, which is a popular look that has been proven to span the test of time. However, many would say that laminate will often feel cheap, especially if corners are cut when it comes to pricing.

Tile – Individuality

One of the most effective floorings is porcelain tile. Tile is great for those who want to express their creativity within their home. The ability to mix and match colors and patterns during the initial build makes tile an attractive choice for any homeowner. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you do want your home’s style to stay in style as long as possible. When it comes to tile, pick neutral colors such as grey or white to make your floors look modern and classy.

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