Planned Community Sustainability: Embracing Green Living in Lakes at Creekside

Planned Community Sustainability: Embracing Green Living in Lakes at Creekside

Nestled in the heart of Tomball, Texas, Lakes at Creekside is a planned community supporting sustainable living through our construction, amenities, and lifestyle. Committed to preserving the environment for future generations, Lakes at Creekside partners with esteemed builders like Toll Brothers and Tri Pointe Homes, who share their dedication to sustainability. Here’s a closer look at how Lakes at Creekside, Toll Brothers, and Tri Pointe Homes are working together to promote eco-friendly practices:


Sustainability in Our Community


At Lakes at Creekside, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a way of life. From energy-efficient homes to green spaces that promote biodiversity, every aspect of the master-planned community is designed with environmental stewardship in mind. Lakes at Creekside encourages residents to embrace sustainable living to protect the community’s eight sparkling lakes. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, Lakes at Creekside sets a new standard for eco-friendly living in Tomball, Texas.


Toll Brothers: Planned Community Builders


Toll Brothers, a trusted builder within Lakes at Creekside, shares a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. They believe in preserving the natural environment while crafting exceptional homes and communities. In fiscal year 2022, Toll Brothers preserved 924 acres of open space, built 83 miles of walking and biking trails, and planted 13,800 trees across various communities. Additionally, they prioritize resource efficiency in home design, promote sustainable land use in new developments, and implement strategies to mitigate climate change risks. Through sustainable products and operational efficiencies, Toll Brothers integrates eco-friendly practices into every aspect of their business, contributing to the overall sustainability of Lakes at Creekside.


Tri Pointe Homes: Planned Community Builders


Tri Pointe Homes, another esteemed builder within Lakes at Creekside, shares Lakes at Creekside’s commitment to sustainability. They prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations and continuously seek ways to incorporate sustainability into their initiatives. Tri Pointe Homes focuses on thoughtful land acquisition, efficient land development, and responsible stormwater management to minimize environmental impact. By prioritizing access to parks, walking trails, and natural habitats, they promote overall wellness and health within their communities. Tri Pointe Homes’ dedication to sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with Lakes at Creekside’s mission of championing eco-friendly living.


Joining Lakes at Creekside isn’t just about finding a home – it’s about embracing a lifestyle committed to sustainability. If there’s such a thing as the perfect location, Lakes at Creekside has it. Not only is our master-planned community just three minutes away from the Grand Parkway, but all the world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, office, and medical facilities in The Woodlands are essentially right next door. Plus, Lakes at Creekside is only six miles from the new ExxonMobil campus.


Natural beauty, amazing amenities, plus exceptional and easy access to everything you need out of life makes our master-planned community near The Woodlands a great choice. Ready to explore our planned community? 

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