Private or Public Schools – What You Need to Know

Private or Public Schools – What You Need to Know

When considering whether or not to enroll a child in public or private school, many consider money as the most first and most important factor to consider. Many parents are willing to pay extra in order to get the “benefits” that private schools offer. But we are here to argue that money should NOT be the first thing a parent considers when deciding where to place their child.

Public and Private schools each offer different benefits that we believe simply caters to the learning personality of a child. Private and Public schools should NOT be a divide between those with a lot of money and those without as much.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in private schools, you should know that one out of every ten students are doing the same thing! Private school classes almost always consist of much smaller class sizes than the typical public school. This results in more one-on-one time with the teacher, as well as overall higher average standardized test scores.

However, when it comes to extracurriculars, public schools generally have private schools beat. Public schools generally have much better sports programs and may have special education programs that private schools do not.

The private school class is perfect for students who may be intimidated by large crowds. Children who tend to be introverted can thrive in an environment where social anxiety is much less prevalent.

Public schools skip the private school tuition but have larger classes and less teacher-student time. While this may seem like the worse option when it comes to staff quality, ALL teachers in public school must be certified by the state in order to be a teacher. This is NOT true with private schools! When private schools may have their own internal rules for hiring, they are not required by law to have a state certified teacher. 

Public school is great for the student who thrives in the crowd and a high-energy environment. They have the potential to make lots of friends and participate in just about any after-school activity.

Before you enroll your kiddos in school on the terms based on money only, think about what environment your child thrives best in. Remember your children are the sole factor when it comes to deciding where they will go to school. Consider their personality to be the main factor and they will love the school you pick for them!

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