Redesign Your Home In 2023 With These 3 Interior Design Tips

Redesign Your Home In 2023 With These 3 Interior Design Tips

Are you looking to redesign your home in 2023? Luckily for you, Lakes at Creekside has the inside scoop on the hottest interior design trends! Our builders, Toll Brothers and Tri-Pointe Homes, ensure that every area of our community exudes luxury, modernism, and convenience. If you’re interested in joining one of the highest-rated communities in Texas, be sure to check out our available lots! Here’s our top 3 interior design tips for the 2023 upcoming trends.


1. Repurposing Furniture


Reducing, reusing, and recycling has always been on-trend, but with 2023 pointing to major sustainability movements around the US, there is a renewed sense of repurposing old furniture. Even if a piece is no longer in style, there are ways to up-cycle it and create a whole new look! If you have a dresser that has a different wood than the rest of your furniture or a couch that has a fabric that’s not to your liking, there are endless ways to paint, upholster, and change these pieces! The great news is, repurposed furniture that looks unique is trendy for 2023! Individuals are taking pride in their homes and showing off their unique style. If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, be sure to check out our Instagram! No matter your style, repurposing furniture can transform the look of any space. 


2. Gold or Silver?


When looking at trends in interior design for 2023, it’s important to also look at other trends. Like interior design, fashion has trends that change more often than not. In studying trends from 2022, we can see that people were choosing a side for their jewelry: Gold or Silver. Whether you’re a Silver lover or a Gold fan, both are able to be incorporated into your interior design. The expert tip, and the trick of the trade, is to choose one that you’re going to use throughout each space – and stick with it. If you choose to have your kitchen focused around Gold, having matching metals in your decor will make a huge difference! Silver is a great option for a cool-toned room, and there’s endless options to add silver accents throughout your home. No matter which metal you choose, staying consistent throughout your space will elevate your interior design. 


3. Creating Space Where It Matters Most


Creating space where it matters most doesn’t just apply to self care. This interior design trend plays on the unique aspect of repurposed furniture and adds another layer of customizability. Your home should be comfortable for your unique needs and family routines, and that’s a part of the reason that Tri-Pointe Homes and Toll Brothers put so much emphasis on choice. The choice to have a layout that works for your wants and needs, the choice to live in a community that offers high-class amenities and nearby nightlife, and the choice to make your home yours. When working with Lakes at Creekside builders, you’ll have the opportunity to maximize comfort, modernity, and your own interior design style. If you entertain often, consider one of our patio models! If cooking is your thing, our luxury kitchens will be a highlight of your tour. Creating space where it matters most is probably the biggest upcoming trend of 2023, and we’re so excited to contribute. 


Not only are we experts in all things interior design trends, but we understand the need for a reliable, safe, thriving location to live. Whether you’re interested in one of our move-in ready homes or an empty lot to start from scratch, we have the builders for you. We hope we’ve inspired you to redesign your home in 2023 with these top 3 interior design tips!


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