Refresh Your Dining Areas

Refresh Your Dining Areas

Dining rooms and kitchens – the places where families and friends gather – can use a bit of freshening up every now and then. Gone are the days of stuffy, overly-formal dining rooms, so let’s take a fresh look at how these areas can be perked up to suit your family’s style. With the holidays coming up and gathering times just around the corner, excite your guests with these bright ideas.

Wood dining furniture is very versatile. Take your basic kitchen chair for example. You can change things up by adding a fabric seat cushion simply by attaching ties to the back side. If your seats are already cushioned, a fabric change can easily be done to create a whole new look. Unscrew the seat and remove the old fabric by pulling out the fasteners (either screws or staples, usually). Tip: You may not even need to remove the old fabric – if it is not damaged or ripped, you can just place the new fabric on top. Start by attaching the fabric to one side using a staple gun. Pull taught and stretch to the opposite side. Repeat on the remaining two sides and reattach to the chair base. Voila – a new look!

Wood dining furniture can also be painted to make an even bolder statement. Instead of sticking with a wood stain, browns and black, why not go with a bright green, navy blue, or even yellow? If you’re feeling really eclectic, choose four coordinating colors and paint each chair differently. Before you paint, sand away the existing finish and prime the bare wood. Follow that with your color in a trim enamel finish. This will make it easier to clean.

Decorate your refreshed table and chairs with a seasonal centerpiece. Fall decorations are durable and will last you well past Thanksgiving. Fresh gourds and pumpkins, particularly white pumpkins, transition well from Halloween to the holidays in November and December. Pair them with candles and pine cones to complete the look. 

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