She-Shed, Chic-Shed or Shed-teau?

She-Shed, Chic-Shed or Shed-teau?

Have you thought of transforming your backyard storage unit into something more? Recent trends are to convert this space into a little getaway spot for you and your family. What can you do to make it your own? Read on for some great ideas to transform a dull storage room into a fun hideaway!

Come up with the concept for your shed transformation. Is it to create a girly hideout for relaxing and reading? Is it a boy’s barn for teenagers to get out of your hair? Or is it simply an extension of your living room to create a little personal space? Once you have your inspiration you can get started on the planning.

The next step is to completely empty the shed and check for any needed repairs. Do you want to add electrical, internet or TV outlets? What about lighting? A portable air conditioner? Get the infrastructure in place first.

Then, paint, paint, paint! Assuming the interior walls are going to be kept in their raw state, use a primer to cover wood knots or stains before applying paint. If you’re going to insulate and add drywall, do that next and you’ll just need a single coat of interior paint. Don’t neglect the ceiling, window trim or door trim. Use a coordinating color in these areas to make it feel really home-y.

Add flooring – throw rugs possibly – and window coverings. If you’ll be installing shelves or electronics, do that next. The final big step is furniture. In such a tight space, you’ll want to look for minimalist styles and low-profile pieces. Measure your space and bring those measurements with you to the furniture store, where you can hopefully arrange the pieces you want in-store before buying. Alternatives for this small room include kid-sized furniture, beanbags, and futons. 

Now that your space is almost complete, add in the décor to make it truly unique. Hang personal artwork, eclectic pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily put in your house, or test out a new decorating style. With such a small area you can go through a lot more phases of trial and error while being creative.

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