Space-Saving Setups For Style and Comfort

Space-Saving Setups For Style and Comfort

When it comes to decorating your house, thinking about style and what’s on-trend are important. Other considerations are function and comfort. So, how do you balance all four components to create the space that’s perfect for you and your family? Try these tips and you’ll be living comfortably in style in no time!

· Look for furniture pieces that double as functional storage. Your hallway credenza, while pretty and inviting can feature hidden storage drawers or handle-less cabinets to keep key items like gloves, car keys or backpacks.

· In the bedroom, you may think a headboard should be just that – a flat board behind the head of the bed. What if this became three dimensional and housed shelves or a sliding door with hidden cabinetry? In rooms where space is at a premium, using a versatile piece like this will save real estate.

· Bedside tables that come with openings in the back allow for hidden cords and cables and make device charging convenient. Open shelves also give space for small house plants or books while leaving the top surface open to hold a table lamp or other bedside necessities.

· Speaking of house plants, adding them in the bedroom, kitchen and living room will soften the feel of these spaces, not to mention purify the air. House plants in the bedroom are known to improve sleep by increasing oxygen levels. In the kitchen, they help eliminate toxins in the air from cooking and reduce leftover food smells.

· Living room furniture can still look formal and sleek while holding secret storage. Your ottoman is one of the best secret storage pieces you can find, with many having lift or slide away tops opening to large storage within. These versatile pieces can double as a toy box or hold pillows and throw blankets.

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