Our Top 4 Spring Gardening Hacks

Our Top 4 Spring Gardening Hacks

It’s March, which means the Texas weather is breaking! While the outdoors begin to bloom, you may be gearing up for Spring gardening. All of the homes in Lakes at Creekside are gorgeous on their own thanks to our builders Tri Pointe Homes and Toll Brothers, but adding a garden makes them even more luxurious. Whether you are an experienced gardener or looking to start a new, fulfilling hobby, our gardening hacks will help make the process easier! Lakes at Creekside promotes living at its best! Take notes, and enjoy our top 4 Spring gardening hacks!


Use Resources You Already Have At Home


Did you know that ingredient scraps like eggshells and citrus can be used in soil? These are likely items that you already have at home, and can elevate your Spring gardening! After cracking, eggshells can be crushed into soil for added plant nutrition. Citrus peels will give plants the vitamins they need to thrive if they’re sprinkled throughout your garden. Reusing scraps that you already have is a great sustainable way to hack your spring gardening. Cardboard egg cartons can also be used to plant seedlings indoors, without needing to make a mess. This is another way to reduce, reuse, and recycle food scraps that would otherwise be tossed. 


Complete A Soil Test!


Soil test kits can be ordered online or found in certain stores. They can help gardeners and hobbyists understand what type of soil they have, and how to best take care of it. Understanding your garden’s soil will help to know what type of flowers, herbs, and vegetables can be planted successfully! When reading your soil test kit results, generally 6.6 or lower indicates acidic soil, 6.7 to 7.3 means neutral soil, and a reading higher than 7.3 means the soil is basic. Most kits also come with comprehensive instructions on how to read your results. 


Certain Flowers Can Be Used As Pest Control


Some flowers can be used to keep bugs and other pests at bay. Marigolds, petunias, nasturtiums, alliums, and chrysanthemums are all great options! All of these flowers come in beautiful, bright, Spring colors and can double as décor. They can also be potted on their own in decorative pots, or used along your walkway! Flowers look great with any space, and can bring a little bit of Spring inside your home with DIY Centerpieces. Have fun with your garden and find what works for your vision!


Plant What’s Useful For You!


The best Spring gardening hack that we have is to make your garden work for your wants and needs. If you love certain veggies, finding ways to incorporate those into your garden will mean you won’t have to purchase them at the store! The satisfaction of growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs makes any recipe taste better. Having fresh, locally-grown ingredients can also be a great tool for you and your children! They can learn about nutrition, the growth cycle, and even be involved in gardening. 


Once your Spring garden is complete, you can enjoy your time in Lakes at Creekside! Cool off in our pool or take in the views of our eight sparkling lakes. No matter how you garden, you can appreciate the fun and beauty it will add to your home. Plus, who wouldn’t want fresh, home grown veggies for your favorite recipes? We hope your enjoyed our top 4 Spring gardening hacks!

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