Style Your Home with Neutral Colors

Style Your Home with Neutral Colors

For some, coming home to a calm and soothing atmosphere is a must. What’s the best way to achieve a relaxing but stylish atmosphere for your home? Try neutral colors! Neutral, earthy colors are trending right now. However, this trend will be long-lasting. Classic colors never go out of style! Here are a few tips on how to use this natural color palette:

-Pair a pale beige colored couch with a dark, navy blue wall. The colors will contrast nicely and will make your home accessories pop! Colors such as gold, beige, hydrangea blue, and pale sage will  stand out against the dark blue, and will create a relaxing atmosphere.

-Accessorize with plants. The vibrant green color against neutral earthy colors will surprisingly create a calm atmosphere. Plants are a great way to bring life into your home!

-Think outside of the box. Colors such as slate grey, light french grey, pale blue, and beige yellow are great highlight colors. These colors can help tie a space together, especially if used in accessories. Consider a beige yellow pillow to throw on a small couch, or a table with slate grey legs to help stand out in the room.

-Paint two accent walls. Pairing colors such as sage green next to a dark grey-blue, with light colored accessories, will create a smooth and dynamic atmosphere. It will leave your guests in awe!

-To achieve a calming environment, try using natural light as much as possible. Find a way to let sunlight in to show off the true colors of your home accessories and paint. Unnatural light can cause a room to feel closed in and dark.

-Accessorize with items that don’t have harsh lines or edges. Find vases, lamps, or interesting figurines that won’t throw the calming aesthetic off. A sparkly lamp or a shiny candle holder might look awkwardly placed among a neutral color palette.


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