Thanksgiving Hacks

Thanksgiving Hacks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Are you ready? Whether you’re hosting or not, here are some tips to make your holiday run smoothly so you can focus on what really matters – the people and moments you’re thankful for.

You’ve got everything you need from the grocery store, but oops! You forgot the gravy! Gravy is the most often overlooked Thanksgiving dinner item, yet it’s crucial to the meal. Never fear – whip up some gravy with this simple recipe and your guests will never be the wiser.

  • Mix one cup turkey broth with the drippings from the bottom of the turkey roasting pan over low heat.
  • Add corn starch or flour as you whisk until thickened, one teaspoon at a time.
  • Add seasonings to taste.
  • The secret ingredient: one tablespoon soy sauce.

Who has time to peel potatoes? Not you! Boil your potatoes whole, then shock them in a bowl of ice water after you’re sure they’re soft. When cool enough, simply use your hands to slide the skin right off. Estimated time savings – 30 to 60 minutes.

Speaking of potatoes, have you ever heard of putting them through the dishwasher? Forget hand scrubbing, just throw those spuds on the racks and run it on “rinse only” cycle (no soap!). If you have temperature control, use cold water. If not, put them in the refrigerator immediately after the cycle finishes to cool and prevent them from becoming soggy. More estimated time savings of another hour or more.

Lots of guests coming? Put your kids to work making place cards. They’re off school for a whole week, why not give them a helpful task? A bit of glue, some construction paper, stickers and crayons will make for some unique and conversation-stimulating seating guides. If you’re really brave, assign them to the centerpieces, too.

What to do with the leftover cranberry sauce? Try this tasty libation courtesy of Oola.com. Mix an ounce of bourbon with an ounce of cranberry and Amaretto in a cocktail glass, then top it off with ice and ginger ale for a seasonal tipsy treat!

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