You Won’t Believe These South Texas Destinations

You Won’t Believe These South Texas Destinations

Some of us do whatever we can to escape this Texas heat in the summer. Lucky for us, nature provides us Texans some truly beautiful locations to beat the heat. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Austin TX may be the perfect location. Besides the amazing nightlife, city, and not to mention incredible food, Austin is home to some incredible natural preserves. The first and probably most famous is Hamilton Pool.

Morgan C. Hamilton, Hamilton Pool

Named after it’s previous owner, Morgan C. Hamilton, Hamilton Pool is iconic in the Texas area. It was created when erosion caused the dome of an underground river to completely collapse. The waterfalls and mist from the river keep the whole camp cool in the summer, creating a real-life oasis for visitors. This pool is the ultimate swimming hole for all ages.

 Hamilton pool lives the Pace Bend Park & Campground

Not far from Hamilton pool lives the Pace Bend Park & Campground. The camping here is hard to beat. With over 300 campsites there is no need to reserve. Just show up and pick the one closest to the water! When you jump off one of the many cliffs and into the deep water of Lake Travis, you’ll know that this is the way to do a Texas Summer. Grab some floaties and relax in the beautiful blue lake water. Tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are all popular activities on the lake, as well as cliff climbing! Climb up the cliffs, and fall backward straight into the water.

We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s article! Enjoy your summer, and try and beat the heat!


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