Fall Gardening Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful Year-Round

Fall Gardening Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful Year-Round

Many of us enjoy gardening and tending to our yards in the warmer months, but caring for your outdoor space during the cooler months is just as important! With a bit of time and effort, you’re sure to see the fruit of your labor when Spring rolls around. Here are some top tips for Texas growers in Zone 8! 

Now is the Time to Plant Trees

Autumn is arguably the best time of year to set the framework for larger plant varieties such as trees and hearty bushes! During these colder months, the roots will begin to grow and expand underground. That way when Spring comes, they will be well prepared to have a full growing season and beat the Texas heat. 

Oaks, Elms, Red Buds, Mexican Plums, Magnolia Trees and Japanese Maples are just a few choices that grow well in Zone 8.

Plant Native 

Whether you’re a beginner or simply want to choose low maintenance plants, go native. Not only are these plants already accustomed to growing in this area, but they will require less water and fertilization to sustain them as well. Additionally, because they evolved in this area, local pests & diseases don’t pose much of a threat to them! 

Create Your Own Wildflower Meadow

Spring is Texas wildflower season. By taking a little time to establish an area this Fall, you can have a beautiful, lush meadow of flowers come March! Simply plant a mix of wildflowers along with some grass, and you should have a mini-meadow next year, with little maintenance (or time) required. Of course, choosing native wildflowers is always a good choice! We recommend choosing just a few varieties, rather than a large mix. 

Grow Vertically

Do you have plenty of blank walls or fences in your outdoor area? Beautify them with some vines! These types of plants look incredible, but truly require very little maintenance to get them started. Simply add in a trellis or wire screen to give the vine something to attach to, and watch it climb naturally! 

Both Toll Brothers and Tri Pointe Homes collections in Lakes at Creekside offer beautiful, spacious backyards and covered patios. With this much room to add personalized touches to your home’s exterior, you’ll actually enjoy spending time outside!

We hope these Autumn garden tips inspired you to spend a little time out in your garden this Fall to prepare for a beautiful, lush Spring!


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