To Make or Break A Scholastic Career: STUDYING

To Make or Break A Scholastic Career: STUDYING

How can we teach our children to study? While our kiddos still live under our roofs, it’s our duty to give them the tools that they need to be successful in their pursuits. One of the most important tools for kids in this day and age is a sense of independence. Learning to learn BY THEMSELVES is a practical way to give them independence in a way that already applies to their life. for the parent, this means helping to build their toolbelt of study techniques in a way that works for their personality.

For most kids, teachers will hold their hands in learning through much of their scholastic career. Our younger level students are being forced to learn, and therefore typically do not want to take responsibility for their own studying. It is a common misconception that the teacher is actually in charge of what the child learns.

While the teacher may guide the students through the material, it is the student’s ultimate job to absorb that information. Sadly, because many children do not need to study more than what the teacher requires of them, they lack the studying skills needed to be successful later in life. This can come back to bite them when they are forced to problem solve in the workplace or in college.

So how can we teach our children to study?

First, find out what environment your kiddo studies best in. Does he or she like to have music playing? Do they need complete silence? Try several different environments, you’ll likely quickly discover which one works the best. Make the space as comfortable as possible, with as little distractions as possible.

Next, let’s show our kids a variety of techniques that they can use to study, and let THEM decide which one they like the best. Whether it’s a powerful internet platform like Quizlet, or something as simple as flashcards, provide some options to your child.

Once you they find a tool they like, take a step back and let them learn on their own! Whether or not they take to studying quickly at a young age, when schooling gets harder later in life, they will remember the studying techniques they learned earlier in life.

There are plenty of resources online that your child can use to learn all kinds of different subjects. The internet is without a doubt the best source of knowledge for people of all ages. HOWEVER, you should consider researching safe search engines, techniques, and parental controls before giving your child access to the internet without parental supervision.


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