Top Ideas For Staying Entertained At Home

Top Ideas For Staying Entertained At Home

Working from home in the next few weeks? Kids out of school? Here are some ideas of what we can do while stuck at home in hopes of slowing the spread of Coronavirus. It is so easy to get sucked into a Netflix binge session or hand the kids a tablet. While we all surely will do that at some point, getting fresh air, staying active and being productive will help lift your spirits and prevent boredom.

Top 12 ideas for Coronavirus “staycation” time. Enlist your kids to help with all of these!

  1. Get a jump on your spring cleaning. Empty out closets and reorganize while setting aside items to donate or recycle.
  2. Work in your yard and garden. Spring weeds are popping up so get that fertilizer and weed-preventer down on the lawn. Pull weeds from flower beds and rake up leaves.
  3. Read a new book. Pick up something in a genre you don’t typically choose from the library or bookstore. If you don’t want to go out, download an eReader app or use your Kindle or iPad.
  4. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Have your kids organize your spices and canned goods alphabetically.
  5. Build something. Get a birdhouse kit, a new package of Legos, or some good old-fashioned Lincoln Logs. Build a tower and let your kids knock it down.
  6. Pull out some old toys you haven’t used in a while. If your kids aren’t interested in them, consider donating (see #1 above).
  7. Teach your kids how to play a game that’s new to them – like poker or chess. Or invite your neighbor over for a board game session.
  8. Pull up some online learning resources for your kids like Scholastic Books, PBS Kids, or Mystery Science.
  9. Break out the old workout videos or put on some music and have a dance party. Moving your body boosts your energy levels, metabolism and mood.
  10. Take a bike ride, a walk or a run. The weather isn’t too hot yet so now is a great time to enjoy the outdoors.
  11. Finish up your Federal income taxes.
  12. Make a photo book out of the pictures from your phone. Use a service like Mpix, Shutterfly or Snapfish. Or, order prints and frame them to decorate your home.

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