Vodka Raspberry Lemonade Spritzers

Vodka Raspberry Lemonade Spritzers

Happy Spring! Many of us are spending more time outdoors, trying to make the most of this beautiful weather! Well, what’s better than a refreshing cocktail on a sunny day? Trust us, learning how to make your own homemade cocktails is a skill you’ll want to learn! Lucky for you, these Vodka Raspberry Lemonade Spritzers from A Collected Living are a great place to start! They’re simple and easy to make, but pack a huge flavor punch! 

Ingredients (Per Cocktail):

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1oz simple syrup
  • 2 large lemons, juiced
  • 10 raspberries
  • Soda water, to top off with
  • Ice


  1. Line the bottom of your glass with raspberries and muddle until fully smashed. (If you don’t want raspberry bits in your drink, skip this step!)
  2.  Fill your glass with ice.
  3. Add vodka, simple syrup, lemon juice, 5 raspberries, and ice to a shaker. Shake for  30 seconds.
  4. 4. Strain into your glass, top with soda water (or any berry flavored soda water), and add a lemon for garnish!


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