Watch Out For These Texas Wildflowers

Watch Out For These Texas Wildflowers

Despite the harsh freeze last month, the wildflowers are in full bloom! Each year, at the beginning of Spring, blankets of gorgeous wildflowers begin to pop up all across Texas. Usually found on the sides of highways, parks and hills, we always seem to be amazed by their beauty. While there are over 2,700 species of wildflower that grow in the state, by learning the names of just a few of the most common flowers, we gain a new appreciation for nature and curiosity for the world around us!

A few facts about Texas wildflowers…

  • Texas was the first state to plant flowers alongside highways.
  • More than 20% of wildflowers are in the Sunflower family.
  • Out of the 5,000 species of plants native to Texas, over half are considered wildflowers.

Here are some wildflowers to watch out for near Lakes at Creekside!

, Watch Out For These Texas Wildflowers, Lakes at Creekside

Ah, the famous bluebonnet. This wildflower is the Texas state flower, and an iconic symbol of spring in the state. You know them, you love them! While there are six different species in the Bluebonnet family, all are considered the state flower. However, the Lupinus Texensic and Lupinus Subcarnosis grow only in Texas! 

, Watch Out For These Texas Wildflowers, Lakes at Creekside

Indian Paintbrush

These beautiful blooms come in a variety of colors, ranging from a scarlet orange, to yellow and even purple. The tips of the petals look as though they’ve been dipped in paint- that’s how this bloom gets its name! 

, Watch Out For These Texas Wildflowers, Lakes at Creekside

Pink Evening Primrose

You may have seen these beautiful light pink flowers on the side of the road as of late. Their size and delicate nature draw many to admire their beauty. In fact, these are so delicate that in some northern parts of Texas, the flowers wither away each day, and are replaced by fresh new blossoms every evening.

, Watch Out For These Texas Wildflowers, Lakes at Creekside

Indian Blanket 

Also called firewheels, these blooms are well-loved for their bright, sunny appearance. Not often seen in large masses, these are one of the more rare wildflowers to see in this part of the state. 

So get out and enjoy the wildflowers while you can! As soon as we know it, the summer heat will whisk them all away. Enjoy spring, its beauty is fleeting.


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